Wedding Cakes

Each cake is covered in a fine layer of chocolate ganache (or marzipan) and fully iced. Each tier is approximately 4–5 inches deep with 4 layers of sponge and 3 layers of filling, resulting in the perfect balance of both texture and flavour.

Increasingly we are being asked to use polystyrene dummies – a faux tier iced to complement your cake. If you are looking for a taller cake, but do not need the portions, this is a good option. It does not dramatically alter the cost of your cake as each cake is priced based on the intricacy and complexity of design and the amount of time required to decorate.


The price of a cake is determined by the level of skill, intricacy of design and time required to handcraft each element.

The cakes below are based on a 1×1 portion of a fully iced, undecorated vanilla sponge cake. Decoration is quoted on a cake by cake basis.

Petite 3 Tier round cake


Serves approximately 75

Starting from £300

Classic 3 Tier round cake


Serves approximately 140

Starting from £400

Elegant 4 Tier round cake


Serves approximately 250

Starting from £550

Striking 5 Tier round cake


Serves approximately 260

Starting from £600

If your preference is for a petite cake, but you wish to serve a larger number, a cutting cake could be an option. Covered with ganache and icing, but not decorated, it will give you the extra portions you require.

The prices below are providing a 1x1x5 portion of cake:

6″ square serving 36 – £54
8″ square serving 64 – £96
10″ square serving 100 – £150
12″ square serving 144 – £216

Sizing & Portions

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